HXKS-150 Disposable Paper Cup Making Machine

HXKS-150 high speed paper cup forming machine comes with two turnplate,open intermittent indexing cam mechanism and gear transmission,longitudinal axis structures.The machine comes with PLC control system,sensorfailure detecting,and can stop working automatically if the machine has any problem,it can greatly improve operation safety and reducing labor cost.The machine can finish the whole process including paper feeding,side sealing,cup bottom punching & feeding,heating,knurling,cup-top curling,cup stacker.It is the best choice for making paper cups.

Products Details

Paper cup specifications


Production speed


Machine net weight


Power supply


Air consumption



The total power is 21KW, and the test run is 12.5kw

Appearance size


Paper specifications


Paper cup bonding method

Ultrasonic bonding

Paper type

Single PE/double PE/PLA

We can customize the machine and mould according to customer's requirements

The difference between ultrasonic paper cup machine and copper strip paper cup machine The ultrasonic heater type is equipped with a hot air blowing system, which can provide hot air to ensure the perfect adhesion of the bottom of the cup, and the finished cup does not have any water leakage problems (much better than the ordinary bottom heater). Only the ultrasonic heater type machine is equipped with a hot air system, and the copper heater type machine is not equipped.We use wood box and wood pallet according to container full or not. Dongguan Hongxin Machinery Manufacturing Co. , Ltd. is a large-scale machinery manufacturing enterprise focusing on the research, development, production and sales of paper cups and paper bowls. We believe that good quality can let us survive, so we only provide you with first-class products. All products with high quality meet international standards and are highly rated by all customers at home and abroad.●Excellent steel frame; ●Professional humanized design; ●Simple operation panel; ●Simple operation and convenient maintenance; ●Stable transmission system; ●High-quality products with low consumption; ●Safe alarm system; ●Double-layer insulation bowl machine.

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