Disposable paper bowl cup making machine

HXKS-130  high  speed Paper Bowl Molding Machine is a multi-station automatic molding machine, using automatic paper feeding, sealing (wall sticking) , oil filling, bottom loading, heating, Knurling, curling and other processes. These continuous processes, as well as photoelectric detection, fault alarm, counting and other functions, are the ideal equipment for the production of large-capacity caliber or food containers, such as paper soup bowls, instant noodle bowls, breakfast bowls and other paper food container bowls. Mainly used in the production of single-sided PE coated paper bowls (from 12 ounces to 24 ounces, or other custom sizes) .

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The integral leaf holding manipulator turns the barrel and connects the cup, gear drive, open index box, bottom leister heating, integral spray oil injection system, integral frame design.

HXKS-130  high  speed disposable bowl-making machine features 1, high production efficiency. This paper introduces a paper bowl machine with a speed of 100-130pcs/min. It is developed on the basis of 70-80pc/min, but its power consumption is still about 12.6 kw and its production efficiency is high,can make Cold food double PE paper salad bowl molding machine. 2.Compact design, space saving, very convenient and easy. The machine frame drop cup rate is 99.99% , using gear instead of chain, improve the transmission stability, make up the congenital deficiency of chain transmission, greatly improve the machine's power. Durable, well maintained, etc. . 3.The biggest advantage is the template, nylon wheel, chassis are made of aluminum, light weight, high cost. The anti-rotating table has good inertia and long service life. More durable than other cast iron machinery.
Paper bowl specifications 12- 24oz
Production speed 100- 130pcs/min(PLA/single  and  double walled  PE)
Machine net weight 5500KG
Power source 380V
Work rate 21KW
Air consumption 0.4m3/min
Paper specifications 150-300gsm
Appearance size L2645mm*W2025mm*H1600mm / L2795mm*W2025mm*H1600mm

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